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At CCB we are friendly, but firm with our direct action collections. Following you will find more information about our direct action collections.

When an account is placed in direct action, or if an account comes out of pre-collection, our professional collection staff will take the necessary steps to collect on your accounts. Effective professional telephone calls are made to the debtor to arrange payment in full.

While maintaining a “friendly, but firm” collection approach, CCB collectors embrace what we call the Q&F (Qualify & Finalize) system. Debtors are asked qualified questions (Qualified) that allow the collector to determine what the eventual collection probability will be and where the account will be headed (Finalized).

- PIF (Payments in Full)
- Payments
- Legal Action
- Close – no hope

All collectors are trained in the art of skiptracing. 50 percent of the accounts CCB receives require some type of skiptracing, whether it is to locate a work phone number or locate assets (Asset Investigations)

Collectors handle your account from start to finish. The ideal outcome is payment in full, but may require legal action to get there. Our collectors continue to communicate with the debtor throughout the legal process as our “In-House Attorney” monitors the legal process.

Debtors set up on monthly payment plans receive a confirmation letter and a set of payment coupons – just like if they had a bank loan. All avenues for PIF are explored before a debtor is set up on a payment plan and an informal credit application is done with the debtor before a payment amount is established.

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